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If you are clearing out something as small as a garage or an entire commercial property, junk removal just is not that fun. A full clean out takes effort to pack away and load unwanted items, and then even more to haul it away. When you are looking to work smarter and not harder, call Junk It Today for your New Westminster bin rental.

new westminster bin rental

When To Call For A New Westminster Bin Rental?

There is never a bad time to invest in a New Westminster bin rental, but there are certain times that this service is a necessity. Renovating your home or workspace is a difficult undertaking but even when the last nail is hammered in, the job is not done. Renovations, construction projects or cleaning out a previously occupied space, there is a lot to get rid of. Having a New Westminster bin rental right on your property allows for easy disposal of clutter from inside and outside.

What To Expect From A Full Property Clean Out?

Hauling away clutter or trash from your property can take a long time and multiple trips. Having an on-site disposal bin allows you to cut back on transportation, and save yourself some time, all while getting the results that you need. Our New Westminster bin rental all begins with a phone call. After a discussion with one of our removal specialists, a waste disposal bin can be brought right to your front door. Once this bin is placed on your property, you can begin filling it up. Whenever the bin is full or your property is clean, the bin is carried away. What could be easier than that?

Whether you are working with a residential or commercial property, our New Westminster bin rental can be made to fit your needs. When you book services with Junk It Today, you are able to choose from one of several sizes of bins to accommodate your space.

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John M

Junk It Today has been my go-to company for site clean-ups. Fast, reliable and friendly service!

Jane B

Very efficient job… he left my drive spotless after taking away my renovation debris.

Jaimie Ann Walker

Junk it was the perfect service for me when o was in need to dispose of my unwantly goods. My garage was full they came cleared and cleaned. Friendly and good service, well recommended. Thanks guys.

Cathy H

Great service! On time, stuck to quote given. Great costumer service.

Steven Lum

There guys did an awesome job at taking away everything, if you saw my yard a couple of hour before. You wouldn’t believe they could do such a great job, thanks again

Jay Ariken

Moved residence, had lots of stuff to dump. They took all the crap, clutter and cleared it away. They really take crap from everyone and anyone. My go to Junk company in the lower mainland. Highly recommended for junk removal.

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